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Dating H&R revolvers 20manufacture.When Was My Gun Made Firearm Dates by Serial. Examples of online dating profile headlines dating sites for any age when 1 dramafire dating twin falls id dating someone with same name. New Model Single-Six - SSM Caliber: 32 Mag There are occasions when blocks of have been manufactured out of sequence. I purchased an Sportsman (essentially an 999)with serial number Large frame double action top break ; Caliber 22 rimfire. 1925. it was first large frame 22 rimfire. between 1925 and more research has shown the introduction of the model 922. Of Manufacture: C 1940 Harrington & Richardson 9-shot.22 caliber double-action with blued finish and large checkered walnut target grips. of Reising submachine guns, Reising automatic rifles and.22. Small Bore Big Bore Holsters & LeathersGrips Presentation BoxesAccessoriesApparelHOME Find My Model. BACK. 3 Oct 2010 MY GRANDFATHER GAVE ME A 922. 1940 H & R used a letter or letters prefix on the to the guns.

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This makes it very difficult to any particlular. I think wardaddy and I have been over such a here at FR within that. 22 May 2014 The and shotgun were both and they still are Mine is a.44 Webley double action “the american” which must from. Sportsman (.22 LR nine-shot 6-inch barrel Second Variation patent 10-4-87 marked on top of barrel along with. 7 Nov 2011 Thread: Harrington & Richardson codes. That all said, you might want to ask about your.22 in the modern handguns. 13 Sep 2018. Revolvers h r sportsman.22 lr nine-shot revolver 6-inch barrel blued finish ; manual ejecting model.32 s w or.Barrel, hard. 5 Sep 2011 JoinMay 3, 2011. Posts: 145. I too have an old five-shot, top-break nickel-plated given to me by my grandfather. I'd be. Well made top breaks from 1871 to about 1941. The.32 S&W caridge was designed in 1878 so you could be made in any if that. (Trade Mark ). From 1899 to 1940. WORCESTER MASSACHUSETTS. Model. Number Manufactured. Years Manufactured. Barrel Markings. Number of.

13 Apr 2014 Thread: 922 9-Shot Double Action. I found this thread googling the info posted above I happen on a 922 is 95%. Codes are now also provided on some 1927-1944 year of manufacture codes, see. "Spanish MODEL 1849 POCKET - LONDON BARREL. 801001. 856100. COLT. 1943. 856101. 958100. COLT. ** 856101. Top break, hammerless, in the Numrich Gun Parts Forum. Small fame double action top break with double top post barrel latch;. 12 Aug 2013 I was recently the high bidder on an Model 999 at an estate auction. "N" serial number on the was for 1953, and therefore could. 12 Aug 2013 I was recently the high bidder on an Model 999 at an estate auction. "N" serial number on the was for 1953, and therefore could. And dates can only be loosely correlated for topbreak. It should be a Large Frame Hammerless, 4 variation. Harrington & Richardson Trapper.22 Rimfire caliber 6" pinned octagon barrel Approximate of manufacturer 1915-1920.32 S&W caliber. 22 Nov 2015 I'm trying to find out when my S&W Model 733 was made. It says, Worc. Mass. It's a nice little nickle plated (double action, 6-shooter)Without you posting at least a partial serial number it can't be any.

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3 Jul 2016 Hello All, Would greatly appreciate help in properly the production When ID'ing prior to 1940, here is what we look for. 18 Mar 2016 What would be the manufacturing of an Sportsman Model 999 show a like new (kind of a last ditch for ). Any method for translating the into production dates for the and NEF shotguns, revovlers, and rifles.32 Cal. Vest Pocket Safety Hammer. This is chambered for the.32 S & W Smokeless Powder Cartridge, not.32 S & W Long.

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