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12 Oct 2017 Jung Hoseok Eventually you would become one of the few people who got to know his real emotions, not just the. How would bts react to you being nice and playful but also not taking shit from anybody would also be shocked like. Hoseok. Bts Hoseok. • sometimes shy • blush a lot when you kiss him on the forehead • isn't always such a happy sunshine • will need. 5 Jun 2016 (BTS):• this snickerdoodle deserves a novel written about him when it comes to your relationship because he's the. 13 Nov 2015 What Jung Hoseok be like: – Constant dance battles because Hoseok think's he's the world's greatest dancing machine. 1 Nov 2016 Hoseok • fuckboi hoseok • nuzzling his face into your neck constantly • you'd be hearing a lot of “Yah, Y/N!” • He love it if your. 8 Mar 2018 Hoseok♡ waking up to kisses being peppered all over your face… ♡ and when he can't be there to wake up with you. 16 Jan 2016 Anonymous said: ; Answer: DATING JHOPE|| - Lots of smiling and laughing - Him staring at you and smiling lovingly.

18 Aug 2017 BTS - Hoseok • sometimes shy • blush a lot when you kiss him on the forehead • isn't always such a happy. 27 May 2016 Hoseok Taehyung• He's always waking you up reALLY early • Teaches you how to dance sexily tbh • “No (y/n)it's all in. 3 Aug 2016 hobi be your absolute best friend. so eventually all the other members helped hobi set up a really extravagant evening to where you had to follow clues and crap. hobi hoseok drabble bf bf series fanfic bts bts bangtan sonyeondan. 28 May 2017 Him being your sunflower- Reading with him- Being too hyper- Asking him if he had too much sugar- Hobi giving you those hearts of his 17 Feb 2017 Hoseok/: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SUNSHINEDD ♥ Seokjin - Yoongi - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung. 16 Sep 2016 What Hoseok Author's Note: GOD THE GIF PLS I see being both dominant/submissive so lots of fun playing. 28 Jul 2015 yoongi's | jimin's | jungkook's | taehyung's | jin's | namjoon's | ♡ dating jhope be like… ▫ lots of smiling ▫ him carrying. 12 Dec 2015 Hoseok • C.O.U.P.L.E names • Screaming 24/28 • “BABE LOOK AT THIS” • “For god's sake, I'm sitting next to you”.

13 Aug 2016 “Then if no one has requested it yet I would like both J hope and Jimin “dating would include” those 2 make my. 15 Oct 2015 Hoseok - “hey are you gonna finish that?” “Hoseok, I literally just sat down.” - falling asleep at the dorms and. 14 Mar 2016(private selca ship #13)I ship you with J-Hope.• Watching him try to cook being. 23 Dec 2015 We already did a married to J-Hope but this was requested so… yeah! -Admin J -Him being so confident to ask. 13 Sep 2016 hoseok hoseok• lots of fun and not for what jung hoseok aka, bts member is, but for what he is as a. 28 Mar 2016 Hoseok :- “HOBIHOBIHOBIHOBIHOBI” - his screaming - like rly a lot of his screaming - you always telling him to be a bit. 20 Jul 2018 This Fan Art Series Shows What It Be Like To BTS. DeviantArt Momma Jincess is known to take care of his members, which their cooking meals. and his “girlfriend” share a romantic dance. 30 Jun 2016 JUNG HOSEOK(REQUESTED BY ANON)• So much screaming. • Smiles. • Dancing randomly. • Twerking.

29 Jul 2015 Note: Their ideal types aren't set in stone guys! It's still possible for Jimin to a tomboy, Ko.

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