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18 Sep 2016 dating jimin chimchim's been killing me lately, i couldn't resist• you not being able to believe a guy like him is. 9 Apr 2016 :- “I'm sorry, I'm not funny” - you always telling him that he's funny as hell - him being then too confident and do. 9 Jul 2017 What Be Like •oh lawd where do I begin •sweet, cute cuddles that happen any •don't forget to the kisses. 17 Dec 2016 • 24/7 love fest • THIGHS FOR DAYS • Shy hugs • Cheap ass jokes • “Knock knock” • “I'm not playing these games. 15 Mar 2016 him calling you "baby" -picking you up and kissing you -"wow you're so gorgeous-him grabbing your. 12 Mar 2016(private selca ship #11)I ship you with Jimin!• Having to convince him to go to the. 12 Dec 2015 Hope you like it! This was rushed so it's really short -Admin J -Admiring his abs/belly(I don't mind. He's perfect. 12 Feb 2017 BTS- JIMIN EDITION ** - He would probably complain about his cheeks, but when you're eating he would.

21 Aug 2017 • Baby Bean • Getting to see a walking muffin everyday • “You're so cute!~” • A blushing Jimin will melt anyone. 27 Apr 2016IM CRYING LOOK AT THIS GIF - cute pet names (like jagiya, angel, baby, kitten, ect.)- playing with his fluffy hair. 12 Oct 2016Happy Birthday to our cute bean!~ :D Namjoon ; Yoongi ; Taehyung ; Jungkook; Jin ; Hoseok • First off all, you. 12 Oct 2015 “i’ve never seen your face as red as this…”. cheeky and subtle smirks when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to (”. so proud of him :-)park scenarios bts scenarios bangtan scenarios bts imagines namjoon hoseok seokjin taehyung yoongi. 27 Sep 2015 - 100% of his camera roll would be videos of him trying not to giggle in the background while he zoomed in on your. 28 May 2017 Holding hands wherever you guys go- Country side - Romantic dates- Him touching your body- Naughty eyes and Naughty hands (You. 26 Jul 2015 yoongi's | jungkook's | taehyung's dating jimin would be like… ▫ romantic dates ▫ jungkook probably going on the. 27 Dec 2015 be like: -little Jiminie being so nervous before asking you out that it probably ends with him mixing some words up -but how.

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3 Jan 2017 “ Hiya… Can I get a dating jackson/jimin(bts)would include?… Thanks… Love your blog… ” Note: Ah here is your. 18 Dec 2016 Dating Jimin would be. “It's almost midnight Jimin, is everything ok?!” After you've been dating for a while and he knew you were comfortable fanfic sorry this one was kind of short dating jimin. 27 Nov 2015• he'd always be busy trying to perfect his dances, which involves him to practice late. • you'd be up worried about. 17 Mar 2018 Check out my other versions of 'Dating – would include' “Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook ”Binabasa MO ANG. bts imagines. Fanfiction. Collection of BTS imagines, short stories, scenarios, rants, random thoughts & feels all dine-in. Bon Appétit! Readfrom the story Bangtan One Shots by PBontoast (Haneefa)with 672 reads. suga, yoongi, soekjin Small dick jokes. 29 Sep 2015 • Cuddling together anywhere and any time, since we all know Jimin is a skinship monster • Him letting you. Note: Ah here is your second '' I hope you enjoy them both very much, the Jackson one was published earlier if you haven't already seen it.

23 Sep 2016 What Author's Note: Seriously have feels whenever I write for any member. Sorry this took so long to write but enjoy. 11 Jul 2017 Park Jimin - SMILES - EYE SMILES - sweater paws - him grabbing your face with his sweater paws - and you can. 28 Dec 2015 o Compliments 20/24 o Isn't my (y/n)just perfect? o “Look at you rocking those jeans” o “That booty thou” o. 16 Sep 2016 what •Okay okay there's two ways this could go •either jimin would be hella smooth and sweep you off your feet •or.

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