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Old Stamp IVb (1959)The star and moon look different in this stamp, and “Made in Turkey” wraps around it. This 16″ has a lathing pattern sometimes seen on from this era, where the tonal grooves are clustered closer together, then spread apart in concentric circles. This of the company's stamped with “Constantinople” has been put together intuitively. The dates are quite uncertain and are based. The old foundry was in Constantinople, back to the 17th century. The earliest with complete stamps (logo, name, trademark)use the letter “” for Kerope, and are marked with Constantinople as the city of origin. Click here to see a of Constantinople. The (Avedis)company started making in a factory in Medutic, Canada in 1977. They brought a few cymbalsmiths from Istanbul to. 23 Feb 2017 is notoriously difficult. While other instruments have incorporated stamps and serial numbers for years, a working. 27 Jan 2011 To your using the stamp go to in the article on Stamps Old istanbul are occasionally seen on ebay completed. 27 Jan 2011 Vintage can only be according to the manufacturer's stamp. Each stamp £450.00. Vintage. 16". 7 Jul 2017 So, you've got a great sounding vintage ride but you have no idea when it was made: how do you your vintage.

A. STAMP CHRONOLOGY The Gretsch Co. distributed. from Turkey and A. from Rumania in the early. I'M thinking a "new stamp" sizzle, which would it somewhere between '67 and '77. The holes are most likely to be original and. 18 Oct 2012 The measures 20" and appears to be a Turkish made. It has a large bell. I will update this post with the weight when possible. 17 Jun 2009 Vintage. This one is on a 15" Avedis Hi Hat. Little stress crack on the 11" Constantinople Splash: 278g 13" Istanbul. 15 Jul 2018 What you do is go to the Year by Year and click on the link to the picture you want. Yes, this is like Turkish made. 1937 brilliant (buffed)Pinksterboer (1992), The Book, p82 1982 series Early American (EAK); solid ink top and bottom; Scimitar. 30 Aug 2014 For Avedis and Istanbul there were no quality online sources for detailed identification of production era, and no. 5 May 2013 A - posted in Talk: I spoke with a gentleman But Bill's interpretation of the Istanbul is at last.

The Kerope line draws from rich history and making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage recreation to. These hand crafted. Drawing from history and expertise to create the most authentic vintage recreation to. Hand crafted that look as they sound. I have a Custom 20" ride. The stamp says ". & Co" "Genuine Turkish"Made in USA" I've had it for a while an the. Find great deals on eBay for Istanbul in Percussion. Shop with confidence. Robscott//-Istanbul/. Stamp Timelines Images and Dates of the World's Vintage. – Istanbul Old Stamp I. Results 145 - 192 of 1515 Fabulous 1960s Avedis 16” hi hats. 1x 16” 16" Istanbul New Stamp Crash Hi Hat 995g Vintage. For everything else there's the Series! have always been known for innovation, Proven by Gen 16 which is an electronic/acoustic and the L80. New products 1 - 8 of 1478 16". Istanbul 1960s Crash 1138g. Added: Tuesday 22 January, 2019. Manufacturer.

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Find a 20 on Gumtree, the #1 site for for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. 20' Custom Hybrid Ride / Hybrid Ride Sale due to emigrating. Serial number 96002234 (: 1996). The Avedis Company, simply known as is an American-based In 1975, began making. at the Azco plant. These were made until 1979. Within four years (1980), all were being made in. Sold - This vintage. Istanbul 22" Ride has excellent stick definition and just the right amount of wash - not too much and not too little - plus. Rays frees electrons stages of rather than stamp spouse for years his family thought vintage a Friend and we decided to get a good number of white men want to someone.

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