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How much do you know about the diction of digital? Take this quiz to find out. 20 Oct 2015 later in life: 'Definitely not past it!' Stories from people that found love later in life. First broadcast on You and Yours, 19 October. Jonathan Freedland takes the Long View of through a social network from 1898. 2 Jan 2019 Research commissioned for You and Yours suggests many people using apps don't go out on a date. We want to hear how you're using. 8 Aug 2018 Scientists say the secrets to success in are to aim high, keep )Be patient - your dream date may just be judging the market. 9 Mar 2018 Steve Bustin's photos are popular with catfishers, people trying lure lonely hearts into a relationship. We hear from him and one of his. 4 Jul 2018, council bailiffs and booking holidays online. 17 Apr 2018 What are the rules of modern? ripped off by a scam? Take a look at our iWonder guide for useful advice on the latest frauds. Nick Baker turns his lens on profile photographers.

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Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook on 'leaning in'. Plus Anne Frank's step-sister Eva Schloss. Top tips for from You & Yours listeners. Behind-The-Scenes of the industry which is now worth billions of pounds. January is the biggest month in the calendar when most people head or onto mobile apps to find love. But new research suggests many people. 9 Sep 2018 Jane Garvey and Tim Samuels present a special programme on. It is the busiest time of year for the industry. How do you get the most of? Have you found love online? if so how was it different? Behind-The-Scenes of the industry which is now worth billions of pounds. 18 Jun 2018 We're looking at and we want to hear from you. What kind of do you do?? Speed? Have you used a agency? 13 Jan 2018 Listeners Joe and Sarah on two different sides of. iPM is the news programme that starts with its listeners. Email

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7 Dec 2011 Behind the scenes of the multi-billion pound industry, and why stolen documents have forced a massive reissue of car logbooks. 28 Mar 2018 Hook-up culture: dating at university. Also, how has changed our world. 13 Mar 2018 My photos and videos are being used for scams. People go online looking for a soulmate. Criminals will try to exploit that to. 2 Jun 2017 Has technology taken the romance out of for so-called Millennials? Woman'S Lab. Woman's Hour. Gemma Cairney, Gia TakeBackConTROLL. women struggle to reclaim their identity after being abused. Late Night Woman's Hour: post-50; Self-care: is it ever OK to call a woman women struggle to reclaim their identity after being abused. Susanna—Give It a Year. This episode is related to Seriously Seriously Discover more seriously interesting documentaries. Available on FM, DAB and. Selection of World Service Programmes. 24/01/2019. How many people are really using apps to go on dates? 5 May 2017 How to find 'optimal' love. Tim Hartford looks at the maths of. To see the world differently, listen to.

Athar Ahmad exposes the international gangs behind fraud. Bbc. Jean Smith, author of Flirtology, shares her guide to. Four women struggle to reclaim their identity after being abused. 14 Sep 2018 The people in relationships using apps. Also: the financial crisis ten years on.

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